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Max Zhang


Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Supervisor of Master's Candidates

School/Department:Dean's office

Administrative Position:Professor

Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

Contact Information:13706983041

Degree:Doctoral degree


Academic Titles:Dean of Study

Alma Mater:北京科技大学

Honors and Titles:

Fujian university new century outstanding talent support program, Fujian May 4th youth medal, Third prize of the 9th Fuzhou Social Science Award


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Zhang Jilin, male, born in March 1976, doctor degree, professor, master tutor, who is selected into the new century excellent talents support program of colleges and universities in Fujian province in 2016. Currently, he is the dean of the academic affairs office of Fujian University of Technology and the deputy secretary general of Fujian statistical society. In 2016, he served as a visiting scholar in Laurel University, CanadaHe participated in a one-month teaching management training at the university of Digendorf in Germany at Feb  2014. recently he has won honorary titles like the May 4th Youth medal ,Outstanding  Communist Party member of colleges and universities in Fujian province. 

Provincial key disciplines- Leader of engineering direction in management science and engineering management system, Dr. Zhang has long engaged in the research of management science and engineering big data analysis methods, quantitative economy, financial metrology and other fields.

In recent years, Dr. Zhang has published more than 30 papers, one of which was Included in Social Science Citation Index(SSCI), 10 in Engineering Index(EI), and 3 in CSSCI(Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index). He has also published one monograph, owned 3 software copyright, and won the third prize of the 11th natural science excellent thesis in Fujian province, as well as a Special award for teaching achievement for Fujian University of Technology (No. 5) and the First Award for teaching achievement for Fujian University of Technology (No. 4). Dr. Zhang hosted 9 provincial and ministerial level projects, as well as key projects of education research and planning for the 12th Five-Year. He edited 3 textbooks, one of which, “Applied mathematics in entrepreneurial economy, is the National planning textbook for the 12th Five-Year. Dr. Zhang also hosted Provincial online quality open courses stock investment at China MOOCMassive Open Online Courses).

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