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  • School/Department:Fujian University of Technology
  • Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
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  • Degree:Doctoral degree
  • Professional Title:Professor

Prof. Zhang graduated with his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from East China Jiaotong University and got his Master/PhD degrees in Structural Engineering from The University of Tsukuba, Japan. Before joining The Fujian University of Technology, he had almost five years of experience as a post-doctoral fellow at National University of Singapore and University of Luxembourg. And then worked as a research scientist for three years in the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czechia. Prof. Zhang is the contributor of 1 textbook, 3 book chapters. He has published more than 50 technical papers (including more than 40 SCI journal papers) in the below-mentioned research area. He delivered more than 5 keynote/invited talks at international conferences and other 10 technical presentations worldwide. As the principal investigator, he has secured a number of research funds from various agencies such as GACR, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province and so on.

  • 2011.4-2014.3

    日本筑波大学  | Civil Engineering  | Doctoral degree | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study

  • 2008.4-2011.3

    日本筑波大学  | Civil Engineering  | Master's degree | Postgraduate (Master's Degree)

  • 2002.9-2006.6

    华东交通大学  | Civil Engineering  | Bachelor's degree | Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)

    2021.6- Now

    福建理工大学  | 土木工程学院  | 闽江学者特聘教授/教授

    2017.7- 2021.5

    捷克国家科学院  | 理论与应用力学研究所  | 研究员(Tenure Track)

    2015.7- 2017.8

    卢森堡大学  | ArcelorMittal 钢铁集团全球研发中心  | 博士后

    2014.4- 2015.7

    新加坡国立大学  | 近海工程研究中心  | 博士后

    2006.7- 2008.3

    中铁一局集团有限公司  | 总工办

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